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Sew, Repair & Refashion Kit

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Travel Sewing Kit

Includes: 1 ct Scissors, 2 ct Safety Pins, 2 ct Shirt Buttons, 2 ct Hand Needles, 1 ct Threader, 10 ct Thread

Needle Threaders

  1. Pinch point of wire for easier insertion into eye of needle.
  2. Insert wire loop into eye of needle.
  3. Place thread into wire loop; pull threader out of needle.


ADVERTENCIA: Puntas afiladas. Piezas pequeñas. Mantengase fuera del alcance de los niños.

AVISO: Pontas afiadas. Peças pequenas. Manter fora do alcance das crianças.

Machine Needle Inserter & Threader


  1. Turn machine power switch off.
  2. Hold the grip and insert point of needle into holder.
  3. Push needle shank into machine as far as it will go. Keep the holder in place and tighten the needle clamp screw firmly. Remove holder from needle.


  1. Turn machine power switch off.
  2. Hold the grip with arrow and hook on top; insert the thread horizontally into the Y groove of the pusher.
  3. Insert needle shaft vertically into the Y groove of the pusher.
  4. Pressing gently, slide the pusher down the needle shaft until inner wire catches eye of needle. Push the grip to insert thread into eye.
  5. Slowly remove pusher from the needle. Insert hook into loop of thread and pull the remaining thread through eye.

Slip-Stop Thimble

Use the Dritz Slip-Stop Thimbles to protect your thumb from accidental needle pricks while you sew. This pack includes one thimble with a safety ridge on top, which prevents needles from slipping off your finger. Specially crafted from nickel-plated zinc, this slip-stop thimble is a must-have for all quilters, sewers, dressmakers and designers. Available in […]

Sewing Box Kit

Small parts. Sharp points. Not for children under 3 years.

Pin cushion contains wood dust.

WARNING: Cancer –

Quilting Betweens

Short needles with small round eyes for quilting and detailed handiwork


Agujas para Reparación Agulhas para Cerzir Lona Alfombra Cuero Tapicereía Tapicería

Flexi-Needle Threaders


  1. Para agujas con ojos más pequeños, corte la punta del enhebrador al sesgo.
  2. Inserte la punta del enhebrador a traves del ojo de la aguja y pare antes que comience el lazo.
  3. Coloque el hilo por el orificio; pase el lazo y el hilo por el ojo de la aguja.


  1. Para agulhas com olhos menores, faça um corte angular na ponta do passador
  2. Insira a ponta do passador atraves do olho da agulha e pare antes do início do laço da linha.
  3. Coloque a linha pelo orifício; puxe o laço e a linha pelo olho da agulha.
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