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Sharps Hand Needles

The larger the needle size, the shorter and finer the needle.

Select the needle size according to the weight of the fabric.

Quilter’s Basting Needles

Long, fine needles penetrate easily through quilt layers without shifting

Decorator’s Needles

Sharp points. Keep away from children.

6 Quilters Basting Needles

Caution: Sharp points. Keep out of reach of children.

Milliners Hand Needles

Long needles with small round eyes for basting and millinery work

Ribbon Embroidery Hand Needles

The Dritz Ribbon Embroidery Needles are ideal for ribbon embroidery on fabric or canvas. This needle assortment includes 2 – Beading Needles Size 10, 3 – Chenille Needles Size 20, 3 – Chenille Needles Size 18, 3 – Crewel Needles Size 8, and 3 – Tapestry Needles Size 24. These needles work well for embroidery […]

Doll Needles

Dritz® Doll Needles are extra long Darners with long eyes, for use with yarn or heavy thread. Great for doll making, mending, soft sculture and other crafts. Their extra long length make them useful for basting layered fabrics together. European quality 2 ct Long Darners 1 (Doll Needle 3″) 1.00 x 76 mm 2 ct […]

Decorators Needles


Darner Hand Needles

Long, heavy needles with large eyes for darning with yarn

Machine Needles-All Fabric

  1. Reponga las agujas frecuentemente. Agujas desgastadas o dañadas causan malas puntadas.
  2. Mantenga la máquina limpia y bien aceitada.
  3. Use hilo compatible en tamaño y tipo con la tela.
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