Heavy Duty Snap Kit Brass Item #: 18-65

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About this Product: 

Dritz® heavy duty snaps are hardware fasteners used in DIY sewing and repair projects to create a functioning closure.

  • Heavy duty snaps are ideal for garments such as jackets, coats, vests, tops and sportswear
  • Can be used on reversible garments; substitute cap for post on reverse side
  • Heavy duty snaps are also popular for making accessories such as bags, totes, belts, fobs, wallets and device cases
  • Jewelry making projects such as cuff bracelets often call for heavy duty snaps
  • Heavy duty snaps can be used to repair and replace utility items such as boating covers, tents and camping gear
  • Easy to apply using the hand tools included in this kit
  • Several fashion finishes are available
  • This package includes 7 snap sets (each set includes a cap, socket, post and stud), and the hand tools to apply them
  • Brass
Quantity: 7 snap sets and hand tools
Size: 24: 5/8 in (1.6 cm)
Item Number: 18-65
UPC: 072879100341
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