Dritz Seam-Fix Double-Sided Seam Ripper

Seam-Fix™ Double-Sided Seam Ripper Item #: 949

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The Dritz® Seam-Fix™ double-sided seam ripper is a three-in-one sewing tool that features a small, fine blade seam ripper, a heavy duty blade seam ripper, and special rubbery tips for removing threads.

  • Raised arrows on the center of the tool indicate the seam ripper size
  • Soft finger grips are located on both sides of the tool
  • Use desired blade size to cut unwanted threads and then whisk the cut threads neatly away with the special rubbery tip of the cap
  • Seam ripper is purple / white color

Patent No. 8,713,766

Quantity: 1
Item Number: 949
UPC: 072879293968
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