Seam Rippers

Let’s face it, sewing mistakes are going to happen. The good news is, Dritz® has a wide variety of seam rippers to help remove unwanted stitches. Dritz® seam rippers come in many sizes, with different blades and handles – something for every sewist!

  • Basic seam rippers: for cutting and removing unwanted stitches.
  • Ergonomic seam rippers: comfortable handles feel good in your hands.
  • Curved blade seam ripper: thin blade slides under stitches for speedy cutting.
  • Seam-Fix™ seam rippers: feature rubbery tips to "grab" and "erase" cut threads.
Item #: 5100
Large Ergonomic Seam Ripper
Item #: 5101
Item #: 5110
Item #: 5111
Item #: 608
Item #: 638