The Dritz® range of finishing products includes specialty items that add a professional finish to sewing projects.

  • Boning: adds lightweight support to garments and accessories, giving them structure and helping them to keep their shape. The Dritz® range includes pre-covered boning, as well as Flexicurve™ boning (which has no fabric casing, and should be used with Dritz® boning caps).
  • Horsehair braid: it's a polyester braid that is used to stiffen and define straight and curved hems.
  • Seams Great®: it's a nylon seam and hem finish that covers seam edges, hems and facings; it also reinforces rips and tears.
Item #: 565-9
Item #: 565R1
Item #: 571-1
Item #: 571-66
Item #: 572-1BTY
Boning White
Item #: 572-9BTY
Item #: 789-12-9
Polyester Horsehair Braid
Item #: 789R-12BTY
Item #: 789R-1B
Polyester Horsehair Braid
Item #: 789R-1BTY
Item #: 790-9