Marking & Measuring

Projects and fabrics vary and so do marking and measuring tools. Pens and pencils mark firm fabric well and are great for dots and critical pattern markings. Chalk is great for wool and other spongy fabrics like fleece; it is also perfect for marking hems and other fitting adjustments. Accurate measuring is one of the keys to successful sewing, and here you’ll need to make some choices, too. Tape measures to measure around your body, clear rulers for adjusting and re-marking flat pattern lines, and specialty guides for seam allowances and buttonholes. 

The right tools matter!

Hem & Sewing Gauges

Dritz Swing - Hem & Sewing Gauges
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Item #: 620

Marking Chalks

Dritz Sewing - Marking Chalks
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Marking Sets & Kits

Dritz Sewing - Marking Sets & Kits

Marking Tools

Dritz Sewing - Marking Tools


Dritz Sewing - Rulers
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See-Thru Ruler
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Specialty Guides & Spacing

Dritz Sewing - Specialty Guides & Spacing