Glues, Bonding & Stabilizers

Whether you’re a skilled or new sewist, you’ll need a few no-sew solutions in your arsenal of sewing supplies. Crafting an easy kid’s costume? Or need to make a quick repair on the go? Popular Liquid Stitch™ fabric glues, Stitch Witchery® and Res-Q Tape™ are ideal alternatives to sewing. Items such as Wash Away™ Wonder Tape and Dritz® spray adhesive aid in the sewing process and are used for temporary holds.  

Stick with it.

Fabric Glue Kits

Dritz Sewing Glue Kits
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Fabric Spray Adhesives

Dritz Spray Adhesives
Dritz Spray Adhesive
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Fabric Stabilizers & Interfacing

Dritz Fabric Stabilizers & Interfacing

Fray Check

Dritz Fray Check
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Fray Check
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Sewing & Fabric Glues

Dritz Fabric & Sewing Glues

Sewing Tapes

Dritz Fabric & Sewing Tapes