Clothing Patches

Check out the wide range of Dritz® iron-on patches available to repair kids’ clothing, fix a tear in men’s utility pants, or repair a hole in a tent or other gear. Dritz® patches provide economy and convenience for DIY enthusiasts. Patches in fashion colors add flair, too!

  • Denim, twill and heavy canvas iron-on patches: a wide range of colors and styles is available for clothing repairs such as worn knees or holes and tears.
  • Suede elbow patches: these patches feature perforated edging to easily be sewn on. They’re available in a few colors and are perfect for coats and sweaters.
  • Nylon stick-on patches: these patches are waterproof and ideal for umbrellas, school and camping. Two assorted packs are available.
Dritz®  Nylon Patches Stick On
Item #: 55206A
Dritz®  Nylon Patches Stick On  camp colors
Item #: 55206B
Item #: 55240-13T
Item #: 55240-19T
Item #: 55240-1D
Item #: 55240-1T
Item #: 55240-2T
Item #: 55240-3T
Item #: 55240-58T
Item #: 55240-9AD
Item #: 55240-9T
Dritz Chalkboard Patch, 2 ct
Item #: 55281
Dritz Denim Iron-On Patches
Item #: 55282
Dritz Twill Iron-On Patches
Item #: 55283
Dritz Self-Stick Patches
Item #: 55285
Item #: 55801-66