Sewing Tools & Accessories

Are you tackling a new sewing project? Perhaps you're refashioning or altering an existing garment. Regardless of what kind of sewing project is on your must-make list, you'll need the right sewing tools and accessories to make your task easier. You'll need to outfit your stash of sewing supplies with some basic tools like a seam ripper, tape measure and tailor's chalk. Make sure your sewing room is well outfitted, too - remember that magnification and lighting accessories can save a lot of frustration! Products like the thread box and thread rack keep you organized and ready.

Set the stage for successful sewing. 

Irons & Accessories


Dritz Flexible LED Light
Item #: 11011

Marking Tools

Dritz Chalk Cartridge Set
Item #: 16017
Dritz Wax-Free Tracing Paper
Item #: 11032
Dritz Tracing Wheel
Item #: 11034

Measuring Tools

Dritz 60" Tape Measure
Item #: 11149
Dritz Ezy-Hem Gauge
Item #: 11023
Dritz 36" Flexible Yardstick
Item #: 16004
Dritz 60" Retractable Tape Measure
Item #: 11000
Dritz Sewing Gauge
Item #: 11035

Sewing Tools

Dritz Cone Thread Holder
Item #: 16000
Dritz Loop Turner
Item #: 11701
Dritz Seam Fix Seam Ripper
Item #: 13903


Dritz Thread Box
Item #: 11136
Item #: 11164