Dritz® Loran Needlecraft

Are you a cross-stitch or embroidery enthusiast? Well you're in for a treat! Dritz Loran needlecraft is a well-rounded range of stitchery items designed with you in mind. Clever magnification tools help you to see your work. A variety of embroidery floss cards keep you organized. Niche items for beading, knitting and flower making are also available.

Tools for success.

Beading Tools, Organization & Storage

Bead Nabber
Item #: BN-1

Fashion Closures

shawl pins

Item #: SPMS-1
Item #: SPM-3
Item #: SPM-4
Item #: SPW-4
Item #: SPW-5

Knitting Tools

Dritz Loran Knitwear Zipper, 10" tan
Item #: 40065
Dritz Loran Knitwear Zipper, 20" black
Item #: 40068
Dritz Loran Knitwear Zipper, 10" black
Item #: 40066
Dritz Loran Knitwear Zipper, 20" tan
Item #: 40067
LoRan Flower Loom Kit
Item #: FL-1

Stitchery Organization & Storage

LoRan Needleholder Card
Item #: NC-1
LoRan Needlework Project Cards
Item #: PN-3P
LoRan  Magnetic Needle Case
Item #: CN-1
LoRan Master Cards
Item #: MC-3P

Stitchery Tools