Dritz® Home knobs and drawer pulls are functional pieces of hardware that can be used to replace and refresh existing pulls and knobs on furniture and cabinets. They can also be used for DIY accessories and creative projects. The knobs and pulls are easy to install, and you'll find a wide variety of colors and styles to suit modern, traditional, vintage and eclectic home decorating. They are ideal for use throughout the home.

Dritz Home Glass Square Knob
Item #: 47000
Dritz Home Glass Bubble Knob
Item #: 47001
Dritz Home Glass Faceted Knob
Item #: 47002
Dritz Home Pressed Glass Year Knob
Item #: 47003
Dritz Home Glass Faceted Ball Knob
Item #: 47006
Dritz Home Ceramic Fancy Glaze Knob
Item #: 47017
Dritz Home Ceramic Paris Knob
Item #: 47020
Dritz Home Ceramic Compass Knob
Item #: 47021
Dritz Home Metal Ring Pull, brass
Item #: 47023
Dritz Home Ceramic Ball Knob, coral
Item #: 47034
Dritz Home Ceramic Scallop Knob
Item #: 47070
Dritz Home Resin Checkerboard Knob
Item #: 47073
Dritz Home Metal Baroque Wall Hook, nickel
Item #: 47087