Sewing Notions & Accessories

The sewing notions and accessories that are part of the Dritz® Espadrilles product line have been curated especially for DIY shoemaking. Use them with Dritz® Espadrilles fabrics and soles to make an easy-sew pair of shoes in about two hours.

  • Assorted pins & needles: long glass head pins and curved needles are ideal for attaching fabric to Dritz® Espadrilles soles.   
  • Needle pullers: use them to comfortably grip and pull needles while sewing.
  • Point turner: create sharp, crisp points when turning fabric.
  • Iron-on stabilizer: gives support to heel and toe areas of finished espadrille shoes.
Dritz Espadrilles yarn wax
Item #: 50062
Dritz Espadrilles assorted needles
Item #: 50063
Dritz Espardrilles needle puller
Item #: 50065
Dritz Espadrilles iron-on stabilizer
Item #: 50068