Dritz Espadrilles adult soles, size 7

Dritz® Quick Tip

To select the Dritz® Espadrilles sole that's right for you, start with your current shoe size. If you wear a half size, choose a sole that is smaller. For example, if you're a size 7-1/2, choose a size 7 sole.

Adult Espadrille Soles, size 7 Item #: 50056

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Product Details
About this Product: 

Dritz® Espadrilles is a collection of DIY shoemaking products for crafting easy-sew espadrilles for adults, kids and toddlers; use these Dritz® Espadrilles jute soles adult size 7 to make your own espadrille shoes.

  • Project time is approximately 2 hours
  • Material content of the soles: natural rubber latex and jute
  • Other supplies and tools needed (not included in the soles packaging):
    • Dritz® Espadrilles outer fashion fabric
    • Dritz® Espadrilles lining fabric
    • Dritz® Espadrilles creative yarn
    • Dritz® Espadrilles iron-on stabilizer
    • Sewing thread to match fabric
    • Dritz® Espadrilles large curved or straight needle
    • Dritz® Espadrilles yarn wax
    • Dritz® Espadrilles point turner
    • Dritz® Espadrilles glass head pins
    • Marking pencil
    • Ruler or tape measure
Quantity: 1 pair
Size: 7
Item Number: 50056
UPC: 072879289176
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