Waxed Button Thread

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Use the Dritz Home 20 Yard Waxed Button Thread Natural for upholstery and other home decor projects. Made of nylon with a wax finish, this thread is easy to glide through an upholstery needle. The heavy duty waxed nylon button thread is a great way of securely fastening decorative buttons to pillows or furniture. It’s also ideal for tufting pillows. This package comes with 20 yards of button thread.

  • Use to tuft pillows
  • Natural

Quantity: 1 ROLL

Length: 20 YD (18.29 m)

Color: Natural

Additional supplies required: 2 shank buttons and 4-8 inch upholstery needle.

  1. Cut 18 inch piece of thread and fold in half. Insert ends through button shank and back through loop of thread. Pull tight to secure on button.
  2. Thread needle with both ends. At button position, push needle and thread through pillow front to back. Remove needle.
  3. Pull first button tight. Loop one end of thread through shank on second button and tie. Pull ends firmly to tighten and tuft. Knot to secure and clip excess thread.

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