Waxed Button Thread Natural

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Dritz waxed button thread is a nylon thread used when making tufted pillows for your home.

  • Use with upholstery and decorator sewing needles, and shank buttons to make tufted pillows
  • Natural color

Quantity: 1 pc

To tuft pillows:

Additional supplies required: 2 shank buttons, 4″- 8″ upholstery needle.

  1. Cut 18″ length of thread and fold in half. Insert ends through button shank and back through loop of thread. Pull tightly to secure.
  2. Pass thread ends separately through eye of needle, flattening thread first for easy insertion. Push threaded needle through pillow from front to back, pulling button tightly. Remove needle.
  3. Pass one thread end through shank of 2nd button and knot loosely with an overhand knot. Pull thread tightly to draw buttons together. Secure with 2nd overhand knot. Clip excess thread.

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