Wardrobe Care & Repair Kit

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The Dritz wardrobe care and repair kit includes three essential clothing care and repair tools to extend the life of your wardrobe: a sweater comb, knit picker and Snag Nab-it! tool.

  • Sweater comb: removes fuzz from napped, knit and woven fabrics. To use, simply hold fabric taut with one hand and brush quickly and lightly with the other. Remove fuzz from comb and discard.
  • Knit picker: repairs snags on knits and wovens. With latch open, gently push tool from wrong side of fabric. Pick up snag, close latch and pull to wrong side of fabric.
  • Snag Nab-It!: repairs snags on knits and wovens. To use, insert point into center of snag. Push or pull tool completely through fabric. Gently stretch fabric to realign fibers.

Quantity: 1 kit

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