Tool Nail Dec Space & Set

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Use the Dritz Space & Set Tool™ to evenly space and to help hold decorative nails in place during application.

  • Tool offers two different spacing widths for nails up to 5/8″ in diameter
  • Ideal for many DIY home decorating projects that feature decorative nailhead accents, such as chairs, headboards, mirrors, frames, ottomans, benches and doors

Quantity: 1 pc

  1. Position spacer and push nails into small round hole. Hammer part way in using a rubber mallet, tack hammer or household hammer covered with felt or cloth; remove spacer.
  2. Place hollowed section on bottom of tool over last nail to repeat even spacing.
  3. Use end holes for corner positioning.
  4. Hammer nails completely into project to finish.

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