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Use the Dritz® Tassel Cap to create your own professional looking tassel to accent or coordinate with your handmade bag or project. Simple create your tassel fringe by cutting leather, faux leather, vinyl, suede or by using a pre-fringed trim. Fringe can be glued and secured by a screw to the cap.

  • Includes 2 screws
  • The lobster clasp at the top of the tassel cap provides for easy attachment. Simply open hook and attach directly to project.
  • Use you tassel as a zipper pull, purse or bag décor, key fob, decorative topper or a gift, etc.

Quantity: 1 PC

  1. Create a strip of fringe or purchase a pre-fringed material.
  2. Roll up fringe and check fit in tassel cap. Adjust to fit.
  3. Unroll and place a small amount of glue across inside top of fringe. Tightly roll fringe into finished diameter.
  4. Place a small amount of glue inside the tassel cap. Insert rolled fringe fully into cap.
  5. Using mini screwdriver, insert the screws into the hole of the cap and screw. Note: Press firmly on the screw and be careful not to strip the screw head.
  6. Attach tassel to project.

Sharp points. Small parts. Keep out of the reach of children.

For supplemental instructions, refer to the following files:

How To Use Dritz Tassel Caps

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