TackyFuse Iron-On Adhesive

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  • Fuses fabric to fabric or trims to fabric
  • Replaces sewing the fast, easy way
  • Machine washable

Quantity: 1 ROLL

Size: 5/8" (15 mm)

Length: 10 YD (9.14 m)

Always prewash all fabrics and pre-test bonding. Do not use fabric softeners.

  1. Preheat dry iron to “Silk” setting.
  2. Cut TackyFuse to size needed.
  3. Peel off backing to reveal tacky surface.
  4. Place TackyFuse in exact position you want to fuse, and press down lightly. Tack feature will hold in place until ironing.
  5. Glide iron across paper side of TackyFuse for 4 – 6 seconds.
  6. Allow material to cool and peel off paper backing.
  7. Place material with adhesive side down onto surface you want to fuse. Iron for 4 – 6 seconds. Be careful not to overheat as this will cause an insufficient bond.
  8. Allow to cool and check bond.

Do not dry clean.

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