Sweater Comb

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Give your woolen clothes a brand new look always with the Dritz Sweater Comb. This easy-to-use sweater comb brushes away all the fuzz from your woolen fabrics in seconds. It works perfectly fine on coats, blankets, sweaters, mittens and other fabric items that are prone to pilling.

  • Removes fuzz in seconds
  • Great for napped, woven or knitted materials
  • Works on coats, blankets, sweaters or other items made from fabrics prone to pilling
  • Remove fuzz from comb and it’s ready for next use!

Quantity: 1 PC

  1. Hold fabric taut with one hand.
  2. Brush quickly and lightly with the comb in the other hand.
  3. Remove fuzz from comb and discard.

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