Sure Grip Hoop Size 7

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Use LoRan® Sure Grip Hoops for a variety of embroidery projects such as cross stitch and crewel. Hoop has a unique design that holds fabric taut while working and prevents slipping. When you use LoRan® Sure Grip hoops there is less fabric distortion because the hoop’s edges are rounded and it features a concave edge on inner ring and a convex inner edge on adjustable ring. The large, textured knob tightens easily. Fabric stays in place once secured in hoop. 7″ inner diameter

  • Unique design that holds fabric taut while working and prevents slipping
  • Concave edge on inner ring grips convex edge on the adjustable ring
  • Less fabric distortion because the edges are rounded

Quantity: 1 pc

Color: Pink

  1. Loosen outer pink ring to separate hoop sections.
  2. Position project work area over inner white ring.
  3. Place pink ring over project and inner ring.
  4. Tighten hoop with textured knob, pulling project taut while tightening.


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