Soft Flex Letters-5 in White

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  • Use on fabric
  • Contains 31 block letters
  • Iron-on
  • White

Quantity: 3 Sheets


For best results test first, as household iron temperature settings vary.

Not recommended for 100% synthetic fabrics.

1. Prewash fabric without fabric softener.
2. Preheat dry iron to wool/cotton setting.
3. Cut out letter.
4. Position onto fabric, adhesive side down and paper side up.
5. Press 20-25 seconds in a circular motion, flip over and press additional 10 seconds on fabric back.
6. Let cool, then carefully peel away paper. If number lifts with paper, re-press.

Do not bleach or dry clean.

  1. After 24 hours, machine wash inside out on cold, gentle cycle.
  2. Air dry.
  3. Do not iron over letter surface.
Dimensions 5221079 in

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