Quilter’s Basting Gun

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  • For quilting, crafts and home decor
  • Includes 500 tacks

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Always test the Basting Gun on the same fabric and number of layers as your project to be sure needle will not damage fabric.

Before using basting gun for the first time, wipe off needle with a soft cloth to remove any excess oil.

  1. Remove protective needle cap. When not in use, replace protective needle cap.
  2. To insert tacks:
    1. Line up sturdy T side of strip with opening in gun.
    2. Insert either end of tack strip into slot on top of gun.
    3. Press down firmly.
  3. To use Basting Gun:
    1. Place one hand under guilt and insert needle through all layers between two fingers.
    2. Make sure nose of gun is firmly against fabric.
    3. Press trigger to insert tack into fabric layers.
    4. Release trigger completely and withdraw the needle from fabric (Tack must be fully inserted before removing needle from fabric).
  4. To remove tack strip from gun:
    1. Push tack release button on top of gun.
    2. Pull out tack strip.

For best results always use Basting Tacks designed especially for the Quilter’s Basting Gun.


  1. Tack/baste along one side of quilt, placing tacks about 3 to 4 inches apart.
  2. Then continue to tack-baste from that side towards the opposite side rolling quilt as you tack.
  3. Keep layers smooth and flat.

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