Quilt-N-Sew See-Thru Ruler

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Make your quilting projects fun and easy with the Dritz See-Thru Ruler. This package contains one 2×18-inch plastic ruler which is transparent and enables you to accurately position and mark your needlework. Perfect for drafting quilt blocks and designs, this transparent ruler has 1/18-inch grid markings with 0.5-inch spaced holes for centering patterns, drawing parallel or perpendicular lines to redesign patterns or add seam allowances, enlarging patterns, drawing circles, scallops and more.

  • 1/16″ outer edge marks
  • 1/8″ grid with inch marks
  • 18″ ruler – made of clear, flexible plastic
  • 1/2″ spaced holes for centering

Quantity: 1 PC

Color: Clear


Use centering holes in center of ruler to evenly space buttonholes, tucks and pleats.

Enlarging Patterns:

To enlarge patterns on grids, draw a grid to match scale given with pattern.

  1. Draw the same line in squares as corresponding squares in pattern.

Establishing Parallel or Perpendicular Lines to Redesign Patterns and Add Seam Allowances:

  1. Line up any grid line on ruler to pattern line to create parallel lines.
  2. Use cross lines of grid to create perpendicular lines.

Drawing Circles:

  1. Anchor ruler with thumb tack in center hole marked O.
  2. Determine diameter of circle.
  3. Divide that number in half and place pencil in corresponding hole.
  4. Draw circle by rotating ruler like a compass.

Drawing Scallops:

  1. Draw a base line.
  2. Place center hole O on base line and secure with thumb tack.
  3. Determine finished width of scallop and divide that number in half.
  4. Place pencil in corresponding hole and draw scallops.

Designer’s Tip: Use the hard outer edge and flexible feature of the ruler to measure soft curves and create new curved lines when adjusting and altering patterns.

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