Petite Press Portable Mini Iron

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The Dritz Petite Press is a portable mini iron that is perfect for travel, sewing, quilting and other crafts. UL approved iron with digital control pad heats and holds temperature in minutes. Four iron head positions and ergonomic handle for comfort. Integrated cord for power supply. And a flip down stand for when not in use. Compact, lightweight, ergonomic design, and four temperature settings.

  • Ideal for crafting, quilting and sewing
  • Ergonomic handle and light weight design
  • Four temperature settings
  • Heats and holds temperature in minutes
  • Four position adjustable head

Quantity: 1 PC

Color: White

High temperatures may damage some fabrics, so begin with a lower temperature setting. Before pressing, test fabric swatch by gradually increasing temperature to determine proper setting. Always use iron on flat ironing surface. Make sure stand is set in proper position. Never leave iron unattended. Follow all safety precautions. Iron is not a toy and is not intended for use by children without proper supervision.

Temperature Settings:

Setting 1: Approximately 176°- 248° F

Setting 2: Approx. 230°- 302° F

Setting 3: Approx. 284°- 356° F

Setting 4: Approx. 338°- 410° F

AC10 Watt 110 Volts


This is a 25 watt appliance. To avoid a circuit overload, do not operate another high voltage appliance on the same circuit. If an extension cord is absolutely necessary, a 10-ampere cord should be used. Cords rated for less amperage may overheat. Care should be taken to arrange the cord so that it cannot be pulled or tripped over. The Petite Press is intended for household use only. When using the Petite Press, basic Safety Precautions should always be followed, including the following: (1) Use the iron only for its intended use. (2) To protect against a risk of electrical shock, do not immerse the iron in water or other liquids. (3) The iron should always be in the “Off” position before plugging and unplugging from the outlet. Never yank cord to disconnect from outlet; instead, grasp plug and pull to disconnect. (4) Do not allow cord to touch hot surfaces. Let iron cool completely before storing. (5) Always disconnect iron from electrical outlet when not in use. (6) Do not operate iron with a damaged cord or if the iron has been dropped or damaged. (7) To avoid risk of electrical shock, do not disassemble the iron. Incorrect reassembly can cause a risk of electrical shock when iron is used. (8) Close supervision is necessary for any appliance used by or near children. Do not leave iron unattended while connected or on an ironing surface. (9) Burns can occur from touching hot metal parts. (10) If the iron is malfunctioning and not operating normally, disconnect from power supply. The iron shuts itself off after 60 minutes.


  1. Before heating, adjust handle position by loosening right knob on side of iron. Rotate handle up or down until desired position is achieved. Tighten knob to secure handle position.
  2. Plug cord into outlet; then turn iron on by pressing the “Off/On” button located on digital pad on top of handle.
  3. Select desired temperature setting by pressing “Up” or “Down” button located on digital pad. Iron is fully heated when light stops blinking and beeping sound is heard.
  4. Use attached stand to reset hot iron when not in use.
  5. Never leave iron unattended and follow all safety precautions.
  6. Iron should cool completely before storing.

CLEANING: Occasionally the soleplate will need cleaning. Use a product specifically for iron cleaning such as Iron-Off™ by Dritz; and follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper use. Before using iron after cleaning, test iron on scrap fabric to ensure no residual cleaning solution remains. This can stain some fabrics. Do not use water to clean any part of iron.

WARRANTY: This Prym Consumer product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase. During this time period and if the product is owned by the original purchaser, Prym Consumer will inspect the product and if proved to be defective, will repair or replace the product without charge. If a replacement product is sent, it will carry the remaining warranty of the original product. This warranty does not apply to any defect or damage as a result of the buyer’s or user’s misuse of the product or of any negligence. If you believe your product is defective, send it along with your proof of purchase to Consumer Relations, Prym Consumer USA; PO Box 5028, Spartanburg SC 29304. In addition to the product and receipt, please enclose a letter stating your specific problem along with a shipping address (no post office boxes) and a daytime phone number.

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