Marking Kit

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  • 7/16 in x 2-1/2 yd (11.1 mm x 2.2 m) iron-on fabric tape
  • Black pen with indelible ink
  • A-M stencil
  • N-Z stencil

Quantity: 1 KIT

Color: White

  1. Set dry iron on “Cotton” setting and let heat for 5 minutes.
  2. Start ink flow of pen on paper; then write name on fabric side of tape using letter stencils.
  3. Cut tape, rounding corners.
  4. Position tape shiny side down on garment.
  5. Press for 30 seconds. Do not slide iron.
  6. Allow to cool and check bond. Press again if necessary.

TIP: Position tape on smooth section of garment not over seams for best adhesion.

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