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Use the Dritz Magnetic Snap 3/4″ Pack of 1 to make secure closures for your purses, totes and backpacks. In addition to handmade bags, these easy-to-open magnetic snaps can also be used as straps for photo albums, notebooks, scrapbooks, boxes and other art and craft items. This pack includes one set of 3/4-inch magnetic snaps. Available in other finishes, each sold separately.

  • Use to secure opening on purses and totes
  • Gold

Quantity: 1 SET

Size: 3/4"

Color: Gold

1. Mark position of snap pieces by pressing prongs into fabric and forming an indention.
2. With very sharp scissors, cut slits (at indentions) wide enough for prongs to slide through. Insert snap into slit from right side of fabric.
3. To prevent metal support from cutting fabric, place a piece of cardboard (slightly larger than metal support) over the metal prongs on the wrong side of the fabric.
4. Slide the metal support over the cardboard. Use pliers to bend the prongs flat over the metal support.

TIP: For lined bags, apply snap to lining before attaching to outside bag.

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