Long Neck Pleater Hooks

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Add a touch of elegance on your drapery with the Dritz Home Pleater Hooks 3-inch Pack of 14. Made specially for multi-pocket pleater tapped drapes and curtains, these 4-end pleater hooks are a quick and easy way of adding pleats to your curtains and drapery. Simply use a multi-pocketed pleater tape (available separately) on the upper end of your drapery panel and insert the hook’s fingers into the tunnels for instant pleats! This package comes with ten 3-inch hooks.

  • Use with multi-pocket pleater tape
  • For traverse rods
  • 10 ct hooks
  • 4 ct end hooks

Quantity: 14 PC

Color: Silver

1. Insert prongs into 4 pockets on pleater tape. Skip every other pocket or as desired for fullness (A).

2. Plan pleat placement so pleats are evenly spaced (about 3 pockets between pleats) across the width of the panel (B).

3. Insert end hooks into last pocket at both ends of panel. This is for the return and overlap. There will be no pleat formed (C).

4. Hook onto rod rings to hang curtains (D).

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