Large Eyelet Refill-Nickel

Item Number: 14020-65 UPC: 72879287554 Quantity: 15 sets Categories: ,

  • Use on belts, vests and jackets
  • Laundry proof
  • Nickel

Use #14021 to attach eyelets.

  1. Reinforce area where eyelets will be applied with interfacing.
  2. Work on firm, protected surface.
  3. Mark position of eyelets by tracing inside of eyelet on fabric; cut out hole.
  4. From right side of fabric, insert deep half of eyelet in hole.
  5. On wrong side, position shallow half of eyelet over stem of deep half of eyelet.
  6. Position eyelet on anvil, insert tool into eyelet center and hammer gently. Center of eyelet will split to secure eyelet.

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