Kit Awl Sewing Speedy Stitcher

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To set up:

  1. Unscrew chuck lock to find needles.
  2. Pull end of thread from bobbin through hole in handle.
  3. Loop thread around tension post.
  4. Continue thread along handle groove and through ferrule hole.
  5. Place needle in threaded post making sure that grooves in needle and threaded post are in alignment with each other.
  6. Pass thread through eye of needle, then through the chuck lock as shown.
  7. Screw chuck lock onto threaded post and tighten securely by hand only.

To stitch:

  1. Push needle through material and draw out enough thread to do the length of the work involved, plus about 3 inches more.
  2. Draw thread through the material so that the full length of thread is pulled through the hole in which the needle rests.
  3. Hold thread in position and pull needle back through the material and start it through a second hole.
  4. Push needle as far as it will go, then draw back enough to that the thread forms a loop. Pass all of the thread through this loop.
  5. While holding thread taut in one hand, draw needle out with other hand. This forms a lock-stitch in the material. Draw equally hard on the awl and the loose end of the thread.
  6. Before taking another stitch, release more thread between the needle and the material to allow you to move the awl back and start the next hole. Continue same procedure until finished.
  7. After you have finished your stitching, use the following procedure to tie off the thread. On your last stitch, instead of passing thread through the loop, grasp loop and pull out about 3 inches of thread. Cut thread. Then pull awl and needle out of material. Now you have both ends of thread on the same side of material for tying off. Use square knot.


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