Ironing Board Cover Fasteners

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Use the Dritz Ironing Board Cover Fasteners to hold the board’s cover in place while you iron. This set of fasteners is easy to handle and clip on the board. The fasteners aid in keeping the board cover taut so that you can have a smooth ironing experience. Clip the four board fasteners included in this pack and iron comfortably without worrying about slippage or wrinkling of the ironing cover.

  • Stops cover slipping
  • Fights cover wrinkling
  • 1 ct 6-5/8 in (16.83 cm)
  • 3 ct 8-3/8 in (21.27 cm)

Quantity: 4 PC

Color: White

  1. Position strap underneath ironing board on one side of the cover.
  2. Place cover between the clasp’s teeth and close.
  3. Stretch strap to the other side of the cover.
  4. Place cover between the clasp’s teeth and close.
  5. Repeat until all fasteners are placed.

Keep out of reach of children.

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