Instant Vinyl

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  • An adhesive designed to repair cuts and tears in vinyl and leather
  • Perfect for shoes, handbags, luggage and furniture cushions
  • Dries flexible and transparent but not invisible

Quantity: 1 FL OZ (29.57 ml)

For any safety data sheets, please refer to the following files:


Use only enough adhesive to hold bond.

IMPORTANT: Before use, unscrew entire cap assembly and puncture tube seal with a pin. Replace cap assembly.


  1. Pull up on tip cover to expose nozzle tip.
  2. Place tube on paper towel to catch drips when cap is off nozzle tip.
  3. Squeeze tube from bottom with light pressure.
    1. For small cuts or tears – squeeze a small amount onto surface. Spread evenly over cut or tear with tip of tube or toothpick. Let dry.
    2. For larger cuts and tears – insert a scrap piece of vinyl under the cut. Apply Instant Vinyl to inserted piece of vinyl and edges and sides of cut. Press down and smooth out vinyl. Place masking tape perpendicular to cut to hold edges together tightly. Allow 30 minutes core time before removing tape.
  4. Replace cap when not in use.


DANGER: EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Keep away from all sources of ignition and flame. VAPOR HARMFUL. Use in open area. Use with adequate ventilation. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. MAY IRRITATE SKIN OR EYES.

Avoid contact with eyes or skin. Follow all instructions, warnings and first aid on packaging.

FIRST AID—If SWALLOWED, seek MEDICAL attention IMMEDIATELY. In case of EYE CONTACT, immediately flush with water. In case of SKIN CONTACT, immediately wash with soap and water.

Keep container closed when not in use. Contains Methyl Ethyl Ketone and Tetrahyrofuran.

Warranty: Because of conditions and use beyond its control the manufacturer makes no warranty or accepts any responsibility other than the original purchase price of the product.

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