Heavy Duty Snap Tool

Item Number: 981T UPC: 072879262537 Category:

  • For applying #981 heavy duty snaps

Quantity: 1 PC

Test on swatch of fabric. Use 2 layers of medium to heavy weight fabric reinforced with interfacing.

  1. Mark position of snaps on overlap and underlap of garment.
  2. On right side of garment overlap, push decorating prong into fabric at mark; turn over and place snap head in metal cup to protect finish. TIP: Use pencil eraser to push fabric from wrong side onto prongs.
  3. Put socket raised center down over prongs.
  4. Center large end of setter tool over socket; hammer firmly.
  5. Repeat for stud and prong on underlap of garment. Make sure stud is on outside of underlap and setter is positioned over stud.

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