Grommets Metal Dec w/ Screws Nkl 2 Sets

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These Dritz decorative metal grommets are heavy-duty fasteners that are used for many DIY sewing applications and projects; grommets reinforce openings for bags, belts, totes and purses.

  • Decorative metal grommets are fully functional and ideal for use with purse handles (fabric, leather, etc.), cable cord, elastic and belting
  • As a decorative accent, grommets add a fashionable, professional finish to DIY clothing and accessories
  • The 2-piece design is easy to apply; it features a round grommet and washer that fit together and attach with 2 small screws
  • Apply with a small Phillips Head screwdriver
  • Nickel color

Quantity: 2 sets

1. Remove screws from back of grommet with a small Phillips Head screwdriver. 2. Use template that is printed on the back of the product packaging to mark fabric. Carefully cut center hole and small holes for screws. Seal raw edges with Fray Check®.

Note: Fabric layers must be as thick as the grommet – 1/8”. A small piece of batting or fleece can be placed between the fabric layers for additional thickness if needed.

3. From the right side, place front of grommet into the hole. Turn over and place back on front matching screw holes. Insert screws securing tightly.

Tip: For permanent attachment, a small amount of fabric/metal glue can be placed around the inside of grommet before placing it into hole and securing with screws.


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