Glue Spreaders

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Dritz® glue spreaders are clever tools used to apply fabric glue to a variety of sewing, quilting, crafts or DIY projects where glue application is required.

  • Ideal for applying a thin layer of fabric glue over a wide area
  • Angled edges provide a smooth finish
  • Convenient pack of 2 sizes
  • Save and reuse

Quantity: 2 PC

Color: Blue

  1. Apply a line of Liquid Stitchâ„¢ Original, Unique Stitch® or other fabric glue to project surface.
  2. Choose the size of glue spreader best suited for application.
  3. Use spreader to gently and evenly spread the glue over the surface.
  4. Clean the glue spreader with soap and water before glue dries.

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