Fusible Bonding Web for Medium Fabrics

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Dritz® Fusible Bonding Web – Medium – White – 18″ x 1 yd. is a great no-sew tool for quick and easy results. Great for hems, trims and belts. Washable and dry cleanable; 100% Polyamide;

  • For hems, trims and belts
  • For use with medium weight fabrics
  • Washable and dry cleanable

Quantity: 1 PC

Size: 18" x 36" (45.7 cm x 91.4 cm)

Color: White

Always test before using to determine if results are satisfactory.

  1. Place Fusible Bonding Web between fabric layers.
  2. Cover with damp press cloth.
  3. Set steam iron on “Wool” and press with hot iron for 10 seconds on each side; do not slide iron.
  4. Allow to cool. Check if bond is secure. Press again if necessary.

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