Frog Closure

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The Dritz frog closures are decorative braided fasteners that also add function to many sewn garments and accessories. These closures are great to use on jackets, vests, bags, and many other items. Simply hand stitch to garment to add a beautiful and functional embellishment. These closures are to be machine washed in cool water and line dried. This package includes a 3-inch Frog Closure set; 100% Nylon.

  • Decorative closure for jackets and vests
  • 100% Nylon
  • 3 Loop
  • White

Quantity: 1 PC

Size: 3"

Color: White

  1. Lay garment flat and pin into desired closed position.
  2. Place frog(s) in position on garment along edge to be fastened. Frog should be closed and with KNOT to the left hand side, centered over garment edge.
  3. Pin frog into desired position.
  4. Open frog and hand stitch in place. Take care to leave closure loops unstitched.

Machine wash in cool temperature and line dry.

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