Flexible LED Light

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Multiple Uses:

  • Portable light with 3 LED bulbs that will provide over 10,000 light hours
  • 13-1/2 inch flexible arm and light head can be adjusted to any angle
  • Includes ON/OFF switch
  • Available in 3 colors: blue, pink and green
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries – Batteries NOT INCLUDED
  • Freestanding on work surface
  • Clip to book or belt
  • Mount to sewing machine or computer with adhesive strip or to a wall with screws (screws not included)

Quantity: 1 PC

  1. Remove wall bracket from base of light.
  2. Slide cover off end of base and insert batteries; replace cover.
  3. Push button on opposite side of base to turn light on/off.
  4. To mount to surface, remove paper from one side of adhesive strip and apply to back of wall bracket. Remove remaining paper and mount.
  5. To clean, wipe gently with damp cloth. Do not use solvents or other chemicals.


  1. Stop use of light if it functions in an abnormal manner.
  2. Do not use near water or fire.
  3. Only use the specified battery type and size.
  4. Observe proper +/- polarities, properly aligning the anodes and cathodes.
  5. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix different types of batteries such as alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable (ni-cad, ni-mh, etc.) batteries.
  6. Properly dispose of used batteries.

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