Fix-A-Zipper Metal Antique Brass

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The Dritz Fix-a-Zipper™ is a replacement zipper slider that you can use to quickly replace a broken size 5 metal zipper slider without replacing the entire zipper.

  • Ideal for jackets, coats, sleeping bags, tents, purses, duffel bags, and luggage
  • Easy way to make DIY zipper repairs at home
  • Fits size 5 metal zipper

Quantity: 1 pc

  1. Confirm zipper is a size 5 (5mm) by measuring closed teeth with ruler or placing zipper teeth next to illustration.
  2. Remove broken slider using a pair of cutting pliers.
  3. Flip pull tab to top of slider. Insert fork of tool into middle of slider until it stops.
  4. To open slider, push lower jaw of slider down with tool while holding pull tab firmly; slider will open.
  5. For separating (open-end zippers), start at bottom of zipper and place slider above retainer box, over insertion pin; press jaws of slider firmly together. Insert box pin into top of new slider to close zipper.
  6. For non-separating (close-end zippers), place slider over closed zipper teeth; press jaws of slider firmly together. If teeth are completely open, place slider over one side of teeth; insert other side of teeth into slider and firmly close. Be sure teeth are completely inside the slider before closing.

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