Featherlite Boning

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Dritz® Featherlite Boning provides shape and support to strapless garments such as bustiers, swimwear, theatrical costumes, evening wear and soft toys. This boning can be sewn on by hand or machine. Features a 1/2in poly/cotton covering over 1/4in boning. Machine washable, tumble dry and can be dry cleaned.

  • 1/4 inch boning with 1/2 inch poly/cotton cover
  • Provides shape and support to strapless garments, bustiers and swimwear
  • Hand or machine sew
  • Washable and dry cleanable
  • Note: this product is a 12-yard reel; it is available cut by the yard at your retail shop

Quantity: 1 BOX

Length: 12 YD (10.9 m)

Color: Black

Follow pattern directions for applying boning to your garment.


  1. Cut boning to full length of seam.
  2. Slide fabric cover back and trim seam allowances off boning at each end;m round off tip so boning will not poke through fabric.
  3. Tuck cover ends under boning before stitching.


  1. Center boning over seam allowances on wrong side of lining.
  2. Position boning on garment so it curves toward the body.
  3. Using zipper foot, stitch along stitching lines on cover or hand stitch in place.

For additional support, more boning can be added where necessary.

For supplemental instructions, refer to the following files:


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