Featherlite Boning

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Dritz® Featherlite Boning provides shape and support to strapless garments such as bustiers, swimwear, theatrical costumes, evening wear and soft toys. This boning can be sewn on by hand or machine. Features a 1/2in poly/cotton covering over 1/4in boning. Machine washable, tumble dry and can be dry cleaned.

  • 1/4 inch boning with 1/2 inch poly/cotton cover
  • Provides shape and support to strapless garments, bustiers and swimwear
  • Hand or machine sew
  • Washable and dry cleanable

Quantity: 2 YD (1.82 m)

Color: White

Follow pattern directions for applying and positioning boning on garment.

  1. Cut boning and casing to full length of seam or garment section.
  2. Remove boning, then stitch one end of casing closed.
  3. Postion and pin casing so closed end falls where desired. Stitch over casing stitches to secure. Keep one end of casing open.
  4. Trim boning to desired length. Round corners.
  5. Insert boning into casing. Boning must fit tightly in the casing. Stitch casing closed along open end.

Tip: for washable garments, pre-shrink casing before sewing.

Placement tips:

  • Center boning over seam allowances on wrong side of lining.
  • Do not position ends of boning too close to seam allowances.
  • For additional support, more boning can be added where necessary.

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