Faux Leather Handle Set – 5.5″

Item Number: 44335-1 UPC: 072879300093 Quantity: 1 pc Size: 1" x 5-1/2" Categories: , ,

Customize ready made cushions, baskets and soft sided storage with Dritz Home® faux leather handle set.

  • Dimensions: 1″x 5.5″
  • Black grained faux leather strap with side stitch detail
  • Solid brass chicago screws included for easy installation.
  • Indoor use only

1. Determine handle placement. Mark position of screws by tracing around inside of screw openings on handle.
TIP: Be sure there is enough arch in handle position to allow handle to be grasped easily. This is especially important when applying to rigid surfaces.
2. Cut holes. For fabrics with stretch, cut hole smaller than inside opening.
TIP: Apply Fray Check® to edge of holes to prevent unraveling.
3. Insert screw post into handle and then through cut opening from right to wrong side. Place nylon washer onto screw post. Attach screw cap.
4. Remove handle before laundering.

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