Fashion Swivel Hook

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Dritz Fashion Swivel Hook in a brushed antique brass finish is a decorative hardware used for bags, totes and other graft projects. Use with D-rings to attach handles to bags and create removable straps. Slip a strap through loop and attach to interior of bag for easy access to keys. For 1″ fabric, elastic, or belting.

  • The swivel hook has a loop end and a hook end; the hook end opens and closes allowing it to be attached to other pieces of hardware or fabric tabs
  • Swivel hooks are commonly used with D-rings, rectangle rings and triangle rings; the rings provide a mechanism from which the swivel hook hangs and attaches other things (bag straps, fobs)
  • Insert ribbon or narrow strapping in loop and attach to cargo pants or outdoor gear
  • Use with parachute cord to create key chains, bracelets and other craft projects

Quantity: 1 PC

Color: Antique Brass

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