Fabric Marking Pencils

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DritzĀ® Fabric Marking Pencils are water soluble marking pencils for transferring pattern markings directly onto fabric. Remove marks with a damp cloth.

  • Suitable for use on dark and light fabrics
  • Ideal for marking darts, pleats, buttonholes, and other pattern or design markings
  • Test pencil on swatch of fabric you will be using to be sure marks can be removed
  • Water soluble, remove marks with damp cloth
  • Avoid pressing over marks before they are removed completely

Quantity: 2 pcs

1. Twist bottom section of barrel clockwise to raise lead tip to desired length.
2. Mark lightly on wrong side of fabric. Do not make dark, heavy marks.
3. Remove all marks with damp cloth. Avoid pressing over marks before they are removed.
4. Twist bottom section of barrel counterclockwise to lower lead tip for storage.

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