Drapery Hem Gauge

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  • Makes pressing hems quick and easy
  • Extra-wide gauge
  1. Always press from the fold up. This will prevent ridge marks on the right side of the fabric.
  2. Turn fabric up along hemline. Insert Drapery Hem Gauge in hem, align raw edge with desired hem depth and press.
  3. Move gauge along hemline and continue pressing.


  • For an accurate double-fold hem, press up entire amount of hem first. Open hem and fold raw edge in to meet hemline; press. Example: For a 4 inch double-fold hem, press hem up 8 inch and then turn top edge to inside of hem meeting the pressed hemline press and stitch to secure.
  • Use with a steam iron. Always test fabric samples for proper heat and moisture.
  • Protect fabrics that water spot with a pressing cloth.

Caution: Drapery Hem Gauge may be hot while pressing. Handle with care.

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