Double-Cap Rivets & Tools

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Dritz Double-Cap Rivets are used to secure multiple layers of a material together and as a decorative accent on handmade projects and accessories. The Double-Cap provides a finished appearance on the front and back side of your project.

  • Used to secure multiple layers of fabric, vinyl, leather, canvas, belting and other materials together
  • Great to use as a no-sew options for projects where it is hard to reach into tight areas or hard to stitch through thick layers with a sewing machine.
  • Double-cap feature provides the same finished appearance on both sides of project
  • For proper fit once cap is applied, there should be at least 2mm of post showing on the back side before attaching cap to post of rivet.
  • Hand tools included for application
  • Larger quantity for use with multiple projects packaged in reusable zipper storage bag

Quantity: 120 SETS (Set includes one each rivet and cap), 3 TOOLS

Size: 8 mm

Color: Nickel

Instructions: Test a rivet on scrap of material being used to check that application
will be suitable for intended use.
1. Mark position of rivet on top and bottom side of material layers.
2. Working on a very firm, protected work surface, position tip of hole punch
on marked position and hammer with rubber mallet. Continue hammering until hole
is punched through all layers. Note: Use an awl for materials that are difficult
to cut with hole punch tool. Hole should only be large enough for the rivet post
to pass through.
3. Insert post of rivet into hole from right to wrong side of fabric.
4. Place cap over rivet post and snap into place. Cap will be loose.
5. Position rivet on concave side of anvil; place concave end of setting tool
over cap.
6. Holding setting tool straight and firmly at the base, gently hammer the two
caps together.

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