Curved Upholstery Needles

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Start your next upholstery project by keeping the Dritz Curved Upholstery Needles Pack of 4 handy. Use the 3-inch and 4-inch needles for slip-stitching cushions and attaching outer-fabric sections. For seat work and box edges, the 5-inch needle is recommended and use the 6-inch needle for edge rolls and for stitching burlap to springs. This package contains four curved upholstery needles.

  • Uses sizes 3 and 4 inch for slip stitching cushions and attaching outer-fabric sections
  • Use 5 inch for seat work (bridle ties) and box edges
  • Use 6 inch for edge rolls and stitching burlap to springs
  • 1 ct each size

Quantity: 4 PC

Size: 7/16" (11 mm)

Color: Nickel

Sharp points. Keep away from children.

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