Curtain Header Tape Clip Ring WHT 6yds

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  • Dritz clip ring tape is an easy-to-use tape that creates beautiful, tailored curtains in less time than traditional curtain tapes and hooks
  • Simply sew the tape to the back side of the top of the curtain, attach clip rings to hidden pockets and you’re done
  1. Plan your curtain panel width allowing for 2-1/2 times the desired finished curtain width. Add 4″ for side hems.
  2. Determine finished panel length. Add 16″ for top and bottom hems.
  3. Sew curtain, finishing the bottom and side hems.
  4. Fold down a 4″ double hem on the top of the curtains and press. Do not sew yet.
  5. Cut a length of clip ring tape to the measurement of the finished curtain width plus 4″.
  6. Center tape at top of curtain. Position pockets equal distance from each edge. Pin tape to curtain. Trim each side end of the tape to 1″ and fold under.
  7. Stitch clip ring tape to the back of the curtain along the upper and lower edges of the tape.
  8. Attach purchased clip rings. Clip rings can be attached to either row of pockets on the tape, depending on desired length.

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