Curtain Grommets Bronze 16 Sets

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Dritz curtain grommets are two-piece plastic grommets that snap together easily on fabric or curtain panels to create openings for a curtain rod.

  • Use to customize window treatments, shower curtains, purses, totes and many other projects
  • Various color options and styles for coordinating with all materials
  • Simply snap together, no tools required
  • For sheer to drapery-weight fabrics
  • For rods up to 1-3/8″ in diameter
  • Bronze color

Color: Bronze

  1. Finish top of curtain with a 4″ or larger header.
  2. Measure finished width of curtain. Divide measurement by the number of grommets. This will be the spacing measurement. TIP: Use an even number of grommets.
  3. At the top of curtain, mark center of 1st grommet at ½ of spacing measurement from the side edge of curtain.
  4. Continue marking grommet centers across top of curtain at full spacing measurement. Last grommet center will be ½ of spacing from other edge.
  5. Position template over center marks and trace slots; cut out holes.
  6. Place raised center of grommet in hole from right side.
  7. On wrong side, position “prong” side of grommet over raised center. Using the palm of your hand, press down to secure.

TIP: To remove grommets, insert flat screwdriver tip into slot; lift up.

Care: Machine washable. Do not iron, tumble dry, or dry clean.

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